Professional services

During the last few years we've experienced a rapidly growing interest for mobile application development. Many of our clients want to explore the opportunities with mobile applications and a cross platform development to reach a larger market and cut cost on development and cost of ownership. In the process of getting started with mobile development, there are a number of questions to address. We and our Partners are happy to offer services in some of these areas:

  • Advice in development of mobile strategies covering both business and technical aspects
  • Pilot projects and rapid prototyping
  • Development support for advanced mobile applications for a broad range of devices covering several mobile platforms such as J2ME, Symbian, Windows Mobile, iPhone, Brew, Android and Moblin
  • Porting of existing applications to various mobile platforms
  • Education and workshops within mobile development

Reference projects

Ever since MoSync opened the doors for business in late 2004 we've been fortunate to be involved in several interesting mobile application projects. Some examples are:

e-Adept - Mobile navigation for the visually impaired

In this project we supported the development of a mobile navigation service for the visually impaired involving intriguing challenges in areas such as high performance real time positioning, UI design for the visually impaired, speech synthesis, design of Web Services suited for mobile communication and more. Mosyncs role in the project involves supporting development of the client software and the client-server communication solution. Read more about the project at the e-adept website.

Indoor positioning and navigation

One problem with GPS positioning today is that it doesn't work as well indoors, without a clear field of view to satellites. To solve this problem, we are developing an indoor positioning solution based on wlan beacons in combination with a sophisticated triangulation software residing on the mobile phone. The positioning solution also makes use of advanced dead reckoning technology from Honeywell Inc. The goal for the project is to create seamless outdoor/indoor positioning and navigation for various groups such as the visually impaired, the elderly, tourists and other services requiring reliable and high performance positioning. In this project Mobile Sorcery develops the client software. In the project we are working closely together with the consulting company Astando, one of Sweden's leading experts in GIS development.

Mobile navigation and alarm services

Coupled with the projects mentioned above, we develop alarm services for various user groups. The goal is that users should be able to benefit from different alarm services covering both active (user activated) and passive (ubiquitous) alarms.

Mobile news publishing

Many newspapers around the world are exploring the opportunities of delivering news to the mobile channel. However, delivering news to the mobile browser has its limitations in terms of the user experience produced. In this project we explore the opportunities of publishing news to a media player tailored for news publishing. The goal of the project is to create an automated process for news publishing and at the same time producing a richer experience for the users. This is possible due to the use of our product MoSync as a publishing engine. Combing the power of MoSync's cross platform and cross device porting capabilities with the integration of a news content publishing system makes up the foundation for novel approach to mobile news publishing.

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