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MoSync Reload
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Introducing MoSync Reload - native mobile app development using HTML5/JavaScript


Web developers can now easily create apps for all the major platforms in one go, with access to all the advanced features of modern smartphones. Creating compelling apps that work offline and can make use of camera, contacts, location, advanced graphics and much more a has never been easier and faster! 


With MoSync Reload, you develop native mobile apps for iOS, Android and Windows Phone 7 using familiar HTML5/JavaScript technologies, and you can see the effect of your changes instantly on multiple devices, comfortably developing on your desktop platform of choice.


Develop in three easy steps:

Use your favorite editor to create app for iOS, Android and Windows Phone in HTML5
Edit your code
Edit your code using your favorite text editor or IDE, using familiar web HTML, JavaScript and CSS.
transfer your app to your device instantly by just one click
Hit Reload
Instantly transfer your updated code and resources to any number of devices and simulators.
See how you app behaves on multiple devices (iOs, Android, and Windows Phone) at the same time.
See how your application looks and behaves on iOS, Android and Windows Phone7.
See video
Watch the Reload Video
Discover what Reload is and how you can use it to speed up your development process. 
Get the Reload Client from
Develop Native Mobile Apps using HTML5/JavaScript
No need to learn Objective-C, Java or C#. Use your existing web skills, and a set of intuitive APIs to access device features, such as sensors, camera, file system, GPS and more. Debug your app using the new remote debugging features.   
Use Real Native User Interface
Tired of JavaScript frameworks which try to fake a native look and feel, but fail? Use familiar HTML markup to create actual native UI elements with all the responsiveness and polish of a real native app.
Pure Web Development Experience
Used to doing web development by editing some code, then hitting "reload" in a browser? That's exactly what it's like to develop using MoSync Reload, only your code is running on real devices. No build step, no packaging.
Platform Independent Mobile App Development
With MoSync Reload, you can for the first time develop for iOS, Android and WP7 in your desktop environment of choice - Windows, PC or Linux!