MoSync Privacy Statement

Personal Information

When you register a MoSync product or register at a MoSync AB web site we may ask you to provide personal information (for example, your email address or telephone number). We use this information solely to inform you of products or services offered by MoSync AB, and to assist you in times of trouble. We never sell or pass on such information to third parties.

Your Profile at our Main Web Site

When you register at our web site at www.mosync.com, an account is created. You can see the information that we hold about you personally at http://www.mosync.com/user. You may enter more details about yourself by clicking the Edit button and filling in more fields. Any supplementary information you enter (except your password and email address) will be visible to any logged-in registered user. (Your password and email address are only visible to the site administrators.)

Private Messages

We have a private message system at the web site that any logged-in registered user can use to send a message to any other registered user. This is a threaded mail system, and your messages are only visible to yourself and your recipients. You can find your messages at:  http://www.mosync.com/messages.

SDK and Reload Usage Statistics

When you install the MoSync SDK or MoSync Reload you will be given the option to send usage statistics to MoSync AB. We use this data to help us understand how our products are being used, and how we can improve their performance and features. If you opt-in to the statistics collection, the following data will be sent to us on each build/reload:

  • Your IP address (for geographic location)
  • The time the statistics were collected
  • Your MoSync product version number
  • The number of builds/reloads done with your product
  • In the SDK only, the number of new projects you have created
  • The template you used to start the project
  • The platform/device you are building/reloading the project for

These statistics are collected once per 24 hour period so that there should be little or no performance impact. In the MoSync SDK, you can change your settings for this feature (and see a preview of what data we are collecting when the feature is enabled) under Window > Preferences > MoSync Tool > Usage Statistics. In MoSync Reload you can change your settings for this feature by editing Reload's config.dat file, and see the data we are collecting in the stats.dat file.

Newsletter Subscriptions

We periodically send out newsletters to those users who have subscribed to our newsletter service. In each newsletter you will find a link that enables you unsubscribe from that service.