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MoSync Reload BETA 2, Ready for download

Have you tried Reload yet? If not, try it out and tell us what you think!

MoSync Reload lets you edit HTML5 and JavaScript code on your PC, Mac or Linux machine and then instantly see the result of your changes on any number of devices or emulators in one go. Once you are happy with the application you’ve developed, you can use the free MoSync SDK to take your project as-is, and build standalone applications for distribution through App Store, Android Market and Windows Marketplace. 

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From the MoSync team

MoSync Hackathon in a nuclear reactor

On April 14th, the first MoSync Hackathon took place inside a decomissioned nuclear reactor. It was a great event, including an inspiring talk by Chris Heilmann from Mozilla and lots of nice apps presented. We filled the venue in spite of a snow storm, and enjoyed a day of hacking, pizza and beer with a bunch of enthusiastic developers. You can see some pictures here, and stay tuned for some videos!

Cross-Platform Development tools report 2012, published by Vision Mobile

One of the best reports ever about cross-platform development has recently been published by Vision Mobile. Cross-Platform Tools 2012 is the first major report that analyses the complex cross-platform tools landscape, presents the key tools vendors, and maps out trends in one of the hottest markets in mobile.
Download a free copy of the report here.

Community Blogs and Videos

We're starting to see more and more tutorials about MoSync created by you guys, our users! Two posts we've recently stumbled upon are these: Aninditas Blog. Anindita has done a nice tutorial
“Developing Interactive Mobile Web Apps with HTML5,JS, CSS3 using MoSync SDK 3.0 for Android,Windows Phone 7.5 & iOS.”

Ciitronian Online, Hammad Tariq has done a great video on how to use Sencha Touch with MoSync. “Tutorial: iOS Twitter app in 60 seconds using MoSync and Sencha Touch”, Mobile Development Practices from the MoSync Team

Every developer during his/her development process solves interesting problems, overcomes barriers and comes up with new ideas. These experiences are worth sharing with others since they may hit the same walls.In our everyday development of MoSync SDK and MoSync Reload we have to solve many platform related issues, overcome platform limitations, and implement new exciting features in different languages. Additionally, most of us have been in this industry for a long time and gathered years of experience. So we are going to share anything that we find interesting with you through our informal blog Codefessions.

Codefessions is a blog in which we share our views and experiences.We will be covering topics like cross platform development, HTML5 and its relation to cross platform, stuff about iPhone, Android and Windows Phone development, etc. Therefore, even if you are not a MoSync user or even not interested in MoSync, you will find it interesting.

New Feature/Platform support page

We have a new Feature/Platform support page. With MoSync 3.0 we now believe that MoSync has an impressive feature list that few can match. Check it out.

MoSync 3.0.1, MoSync has been updated

Our latest release includes: 

  • Date Picker on Windows Phone 7—this new widget for the Windows Phone platform is similar to those we've already implemented on iOS and Android. It lets you pop up a Metro-style dialog for choosing dates, showing 3 scrollable areas for days, months and years.

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