Licensing and Subscriptions

MoSync AB distributes the MoSync® Mobile SDK and MoSync® Reload under standard-open source licenses, and under a series of commercial licenses.

MoSync SDK and MoSync Reload - Licensing and SubscriptionsPrivate usage

For private use, the MoSync SDK and MoSync Reload are completely free. Take them, use them, have fun!

Commercial usage

If you want to sell the products you make with the MoSync SDK and MoSync Reload, or if you want to distribute those products to other people outside or your organization, you have one of two options:

  • Be open source! — Licence your source code under GPL version 2, publish your source code openly (or supply it to others on demand), and keep our copyright notices and the licenses in your source files.
  • Alternatively, get a commercial license subscription from us. We have a range of subscriptions to meet your support needs—including a free annual subscription!

Using MoSync tools under GPL and AGPL

The MoSync SDK and the MoSync Reload Client are licensed under GPL2. That license says that you are free to use them in any way you like, provided you share your code with others. Under the GLP2 license, you can even sell the things you make, as long as those things are published in the open-source way. That means:

  • Retaining our copyright notices in the source code (and appending your own if you wish),
  • Retaining relevant licenses with the source code (and appending your own if you wish),
  • Openly publishing your source code and build scripts (or making them available on request).

It is only if you intend to sell the things you make and you do not want to publish your source code that you need to obtain a commercial license subscription.

The MoSync Reload Server is licensed under AGPL version 3. That is a similar license to GPL2, except that some extra restrictions apply if you intend to run your product as network server software.

Our commercial license subscriptions

If you want to sell the things you make with the MoSync SDK or you wish to distribute the things you make to others, and you do not wish to publish your source code, you must obtain a Free, Basic Pro, Gold Pro, or Platinum subscription from MoSync AB.

FreeBasic ProGold Pro
Annual feeFree

199 EUR
per seat
2999 EUR
per seat
MoSync SDK featured releasesYesYesYes
MoSync SDK pre-release nightly buildsYesYesYes
Publish open source apps to all supported platformsYesYesYes
Community forum accessYesYesYes
Extensive documentation and online tutorialsYesYesYes
Device database updates (requires registration)YesYesYes
Automatic software updates (requires registration)YesYesYes
Publish closed source apps to all supported platformsYesYes
Hot fixes (max 3 per year)  Yes
Named support contact  Yes
Email support (max 5 per year) YesYes
Phone support (max 4 hours per year)  Yes
Guaranteed response time  1 business day

You can also order your subscription via mail to sales@mosync.com

MoSync Community Subscription, the details

If you develop Free Open Source Software (FOSS) applications that you distribute under the terms of the GPL license, the open-source community version of the MoSync SDK is all you need. The GPL for the MoSync SDK (which is included in the MoSync installation package) permits you to copy, distribute, and modify the MoSync SDK or its parts in any way you like, provided that you conspicuously and appropriately publish on each copy of the MoSync SDK or its parts an appropriate copyright notice and disclaimer of warranty, keep intact all the notices that refer to the GPL and to the absence of any warranty; and give any other recipients of the MoSync SDK a copy of the GPL along with the program.

Visit the Free Software Foundation’s website to read more about GPL. The Free Software Foundation provides a detailed FAQ on the GPL. The Software Freedom Law Center has also created A Practical Guide to GPL Compliance with its explanation of the GPL's requirements.

Commercial Subscription, the details

Purchasing a commercial subscription frees you from the need to conform to MoSync's GPL license (the standard GNU General Public License version 2). The commercial subscription includes the assurances that distributors typically find in standard commercial agreements.

Our Free version is available without cost, while support is limited to MoSync Forum usage. You need to resubscribe with us annually, while this is also without cost. You can also choose to upgrade to one of our support licenses, while that's entirely up to you as a developer:

Our Basic Pro and Gold Pro subscriptions are available for a low annual fee (see table above). These subscriptions are sold on a per seat basis: one commercial subscription is required for each developer who uses the MoSync SDK.

We offer a Platinum subscription to customers who wish us to provide extended services, such as:

  • Prioritized feature requests
  • Non-recurring engineering (NRE)
  • On-site support
  • Training and education
  • Device testing
  • 24/7 email and phone support
  • Floating subscriptions (unnamed developer seats)

For more information about GPL licensing and our commercial subscriptions, please contact sales@mosync.com.


MoSync offers training programs to assist customers in reaping the full benefits of MoSync.

Fullday training for designers or developers 800 Euro/dev/day plus travel expenses. Contact sales@mosync.com for more info and discounts for groups.

Testing Service

It doesn´t matter how good tools or emulators you have you still need to do some hardware testing. MoSync has a dedicated team and thousands of devices to test on. We now offer you to use our test service

Contact sales@mosync.com for more info.

Read this blogpost from our test team.