MoSync 3.3
Namespace List
Here is a list of all namespaces with brief descriptions:
AdsMoSync Advertising API
MAPMoSync slippy maps
MAPUtilMoSync slippy map utility classes
MATestMoSync test case classes
MAUIMoSync graphical user interface classes
MAUtilMoSync utility libraries
MAUtil::PlaceholderPoolA dynamic pool of MoSync placeholder resource handles
MoGraphMoGraph namespace contains all graph and input of data classes into the same namespace.
MtxMoSync wrappers for XML/SAX parser
NativeUIA collection of widgets for designing native user interfaces
NotificationMoSync Notification API classes
TestifyMoSync test framework
UtilsNamespace Utils , small global functions encapsulated under the namespace Utils
WormholeClasses for Hybrid app support
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