MoSync 3.3
IAP Namespace Reference


class  Purchase
 The Purchase class wraps a product that can be bought and also all the details of the transaction(such as the receipt). More...
class  PurchaseListener
 Listener for purchase related events. More...
class  PurchaseManager
 Class that handles purchase related events. More...
class  PurchaseManagerListener
 Listener for restored or refunded products. More...
class  Receipt
 A Receipt wraps the details of a purchase. More...


const MAUtil::String sGooglePlayPurchasedProductId = "android.test.purchased"
const MAUtil::String sGooglePlayRefundedProductId = "android.test.refunded"
const MAUtil::String sGooglePlayItemUnavailableProductId = "android.test.item_unavailable"
const MAUtil::String sGooglePlayCanceledPurchaseProductId = "android.test.canceled"
const MAUtil::String sAppStoreURL = ""
const MAUtil::String sAppStoreSandboxURL = ""
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