MoSync 3.3
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Here is a list of all files with brief descriptions:
api_areas.hOverview of the MoSync API
api_connections.hOverview of the MoSync Connection API
conprint.hA simple text output console
limits.hValue limits of the integral data types
ma.hDefines MoSync program entry point, size_t, NULL and BOOL
maapi.hSyscall declarations. These system calls and low-level functions provide access to the basic features of a device. They are implemented by the MoSync runtimes in code native to the device
maarg.hVariadric functions
maassert.hFatal error handling
macpp.hDefines and typedefs needed for libsupc++
mactype.hCharacter classification
madmath.hIntrinsic double-precision math
maheap.hDynamic memory allocation
mastack.hCall stack access
mastdlib.hString conversion and pseudo-random number generation
mastring.hString handling
matask.hTask control system
matime.hTime management
mavsprintf.hVsprintf and support functions
mawstring.hUnicode string handling
mawvsprintf.hWvsprintf and support functions
maxtoa.hConvert integers to ASCII strings
stdint.hStandard integer scalar types
tlsf.hTwo Levels Segregate Fit memory allocator
wchar.hWide character conversions
Ads/Banner.hProvides a widget that displays advertisement to the user
Ads/BannerListener.hListener for banner events
Ads/BannerManager.hThe BannnerManager manages banner events and dispatches them to the target banners
MAFS/File.hFile System API
MAP/Broadcaster.hTyped notification broadcasting to multiple listeners
MAP/CloudMadeMapSource.hMap source for CloudMade map tile servers
MAP/Color.hColor conversions
MAP/DateTime.hUtility for data and time handling
MAP/DebugPrintf.hUtility functions for debug output under MSVC compiler
MAP/Enumerator.hGeneric interface for enumerations
MAP/GeoPoint.hGeographical Point Information Classes
MAP/GeoPointDataSource.hGeographical Point Data Source Handler
MAP/GeoPointLayer.hGeographical Point Layer Handler
MAP/GeoPointLayerRenderer.hGeographical Point Layer Renderer
MAP/GoogleMapSource.hMap source for Google map tile servers
MAP/Layer.hMap layers
MAP/LayerMapViewport.hViewport displaying a slippy map with layers overlaid
MAP/LonLat.hLatitude and longitude coordinates, conversion to metres and pixels
MAP/MapCache.hCache of tiles provided by MapSource
MAP/MapConfig.hConfiguration header file for MAP library
MAP/MapSource.hAbstract base class for provider of map tiles
MAP/MapTile.hSingle tile from a map source
MAP/MapTileCoordinate.hLocation of a map tile in the tile grid
MAP/MapViewport.hViewport displaying a slippy map
MAP/MapWidget.hWidget displaying a slippy map
MAP/MemoryMgr.hUtility for heap resource tracking and debugging
MAP/OpenStreetMapSource.hMap source for OpenStreet map tile servers
MAP/PixelCoordinate.hGlobal pixel coordinates at a specified magnification
MAP/Queue.hTemplate for a simple object queue
MAP/TimeSpan.hUtility for representing a time span
MAP/TraceScope.hDefines a class for tracing and timing blocks
MATest/Test.hTesting framework for testing libraries and syscalls
MAUI/AnimatedImage.hAnimated image widget with stepping, speed and direction control
MAUI/Engine.hMAUI widget manager, useful for developing custom widgets
MAUI/Font.hBitmap font handling, line spacing, and line breaks
MAUI/ImageGenerators.hUtility class that generates linear and circular gradients
MAUI/InputManager.hDeclaration of classes for input management
MAUI/ListBox.hList box widget, horizontal or vertical layout
MAUI/Scaler.hUtility for scaling images by nearest neighbour or bilinearly
MAUI/WidgetSkin.hClass for defining the visual appearance of a widget
MAUtil/BluetoothConnection.hAn easy way to connect to a Bluetooth service
MAUtil/BluetoothDiscovery.hEnvironment-based classes for Bluetooth asynchronous device and service discovery
MAUtil/BuffDownloader.hSimple asynchronous HTTP download to main memory
MAUtil/CharInput.hC-based text input system with C++ wrappers
MAUtil/collection_common.hCompare() and Pair for MAUtil
MAUtil/Connection.hEnvironment-based classes handling connection functions
MAUtil/DataHandler.hFacilitates consecutive reads and writes to a MoSync data object
MAUtil/Dictionary.hThin template sorted dictionary
MAUtil/Dictionary_impl.hDictionary implementation
MAUtil/Downloader.hSimple asynchronous HTTP download to resources
MAUtil/Environment.hCross-platform event handling
MAUtil/FileLister.hLists the contents of a device's file system
MAUtil/FrameBuffer.hPixel format conversion, scaling, orientation change for palletized surfaces
MAUtil/Geometry.hGeometric helper structures/functions (Rect, Point)
MAUtil/GLMoblet.hOpenGL|ES fullscreen moblet
MAUtil/Graphics.hTranslation/clipping stack for MoSync graphics
MAUtil/GraphicsOpenGL.hHardware accelerated implementation of the graphics API
MAUtil/GraphicsSoftware.hSoftware implementation of the graphics API
MAUtil/HashDict.hThin template HashDict
MAUtil/HashDict_impl.hHashDict implementation
MAUtil/HashMap.hThin template HashMap
MAUtil/HashMap_impl.hHashMap implementation
MAUtil/HashSet.hThin template HashSet
MAUtil/List.hGeneric, dynamic list container behaving like a subset of std::list
MAUtil/ListenerSet.hSafe container for listeners
MAUtil/mauuid.hBluetooth UUID definitions
MAUtil/Moblet.hC++ event manager, a base class for applications
MAUtil/PlaceholderPool.hDynamic pool of MoSync placeholder resource handles
MAUtil/RefCounted.hMix-in class for reference counting
MAUtil/Server.hEncapsulates MoSync's server connections
MAUtil/Set.hThin template sorted Set
MAUtil/Stack.hGeneric, dynamic stack container. A restricted subset of vector
MAUtil/String.hReference-counted string behaving like a subset of std::string
MAUtil/util.hUtility functions (clamps, wraps, insides, string conversions and breaks)
MAUtil/Vector.hGeneric, dynamic vector container behaving like a subset of std::vector
MTXml/MTSax.hTiny SAX parser
MTXml/MTXml.hTiny XML parser with a SAX-like interface
NativeUI/ActionBar.hThe ActionBar singleton class is used for showing and customizing the appearance of the action bar. The Action bar is unique per application, and it will not be treated as a regular widget
NativeUI/ActivityIndicator.hAn instance of ActivityIndicator is used for displaying the indeterminate progress of a task over time
NativeUI/Button.hClass for buttons. A button intercepts touch events and notifies the observers. Methods for setting the text, alignment, font size and color are inherited from TextWidget
NativeUI/ButtonListener.hListener for button events
NativeUI/Camera.hAn instance of Camera allows users to handle camera settings and camera preview layout
NativeUI/CameraPreview.hAn instance of CameraPreview allows users to visualize the camera controller
NativeUI/CheckBox.hAn instance of CheckBox is used for displaying an two-states button. For check box events see CheckBoxListener
NativeUI/CheckBoxListener.hListener for CheckBox events
NativeUI/CustomPicker.hA widget that provides a quick way to select one value from a set. Platform: Android, iOS
NativeUI/CustomPickerListener.hListener for CustomPicker events
NativeUI/DatePicker.hAn instance of DatePicker allow to an users to select dates. For date picker events see DatePickerListener
NativeUI/DatePickerListener.hListener for DatePicker events
NativeUI/Dialog.hClass that represents a modal dialog. A dialog cannot have any parent, it acts only as a container of other widgets. A dialog is a sort of modal view, that can look different depending on the platform:
NativeUI/DialogListener.hListener for modal dialog events. Receives events only on the iPad
NativeUI/EditBoxListener.hListener for EditBox events
NativeUI/GLView.hClass for gl view
NativeUI/GLViewListener.hListener for GLView events
NativeUI/HorizontalLayout.hClass for horizontal layout of widgets
NativeUI/ImageButton.hClass for image buttons. A image button intercepts touch events and notifies the observers. Methods for setting the text, alignment, font size and color are inherited from TextWidget
NativeUI/ListView.hAn instance of ListView is used for displaying list of information. For list view events see ListViewListener
NativeUI/ListViewItem.hThe ListViewItem class defines the attributes and behavior of the items that appear in ListView objects
NativeUI/ListViewListener.hListener for ListView events
NativeUI/ListViewSection.hA ListViewSection widget is used to group one or more ListViewItem objects
NativeUI/Location.hClass that represents a point with two coordinates: latitude and longitude
NativeUI/MapListener.hListener for Map events
NativeUI/MapLocation.hClass that represents a point on the map (it has two coordinates: latitude and longitude and a zoom level)
NativeUI/MapPin.hClass that represents a pin on the map (it has two coordinates: latitude and longitude)
NativeUI/MapRegion.hClass that represents a region on the map (it has two coordinates: the upper left corner and the lower right corner)
NativeUI/NavigationBar.hClass for navigation bar
NativeUI/NavigationBarListener.hListener for NavigationBar events
NativeUI/NumberPicker.hClass for number picker. Available on iOS, WindowsPhone and Android
NativeUI/NumberPickerListener.hListener for NumberPicker events
NativeUI/PanoramaView.hClass that represents a visible panorama view. Note that this is a Windows Phone 7 specific widget
NativeUI/ProgressBar.hAn instance of ProgressBar is used for displaying the progress of a task over time
NativeUI/RadioButton.hAn instance of RadioButton is used to create a two-states button that can be either checked or unchecked. A radio button can only have a RadioGroup parent. Checking one radio button that belongs to a radio group unchecks any previously checked radio button within the same group. Initially, all of the radio buttons are unchecked. While it is not possible to uncheck a particular radio button, the radio group can be cleared to remove the checked state. A radio button is available only on Android. For radio group events see RadioButtonListener
NativeUI/RadioButtonListener.hListener for RadioButton events
NativeUI/RadioGroup.hAn instance of RadioGroup is used to create a multiple-exclusion scope for a set of RadioButtons. A radio group is available only on Android. For radio group events see RadioGroupListener
NativeUI/RadioGroupListener.hListener for RadioGroup events
NativeUI/RatingBar.hAn instance of RatingBar is used for displaying a rating in stars. The user can touch/drag or use arrow keys to set the rating when using the default size RatingBar. When using a RatingBar that supports user interaction, placing widgets to the left or right of the RatingBar is discouraged. For rating bar events see RatingBarListener
NativeUI/RatingBarListener.hListener for RatingBar events
NativeUI/RelativeLayout.hClass for relative layout of widgets
NativeUI/ScreenListener.hListener for Screen events
NativeUI/SearchBar.hClass for a special kind of edit box that is used for searching. Note: This is not available on Windows Phone 7
NativeUI/SearchBarListener.hListener for SearchBar events
NativeUI/Slider.hAn instance of Slider is used for selecting a single value from a continuous range of values
NativeUI/SliderListener.hListener for Slider events
NativeUI/StackScreen.hA stack screen is a special type of screen that manages navigation between a set of screens
NativeUI/StackScreenListener.hListener for StackScreen events
NativeUI/TabScreen.hClass that represents a screen with tabs. A tab screen is a special type of screen that can have a number of sub-screens each switchable using a tab bar
NativeUI/TabScreenListener.hListener for TabScreen events
NativeUI/TextWidget.hBase class for widgets that have a text property
NativeUI/TimePicker.hAn instance of TimePicker allow to an users to select times. For time picker events see TimePickerListener. Note: This is not available on Windows Phone 7
NativeUI/TimePickerListener.hListener for TimePicker events
NativeUI/ToggleButton.hClass for a a special kind of check button. It is available on Android, iOS and Windows Phone 7. On iOS it looks and acts exactly the same as CheckBox widget. For toggle button events see ToggleButtonListener
NativeUI/ToggleButtonListener.hListener for ToggleButton events
NativeUI/VerticalLayout.hClass for vertical layout of widgets
NativeUI/VideoView.hAn instance of VideoView is used for managing the playback of a movie from a file or a network stream. For video view events see VideoViewListener. Note: This widget is not available on Windows Phone 7
NativeUI/VideoViewListener.hInterface for video view event listeners
NativeUI/WebView.hClass for web views
NativeUI/WebViewListener.hListener for WebView events
NativeUI/WidgetEventListener.hInterface for widget event listeners
NativeUI/WidgetManager.hThe WidgetManager manages widget events and dispatches them to the target widgets
NativeUI/Widgets.hYou can include all widget classes by just including this file, to make things a bit easier
NativeUI/WidgetUtil.hUtilities for widgets(e.g. common constants, macros, functions etc)
Notification/LocalNotification.hLocal notifications are used for displaying alerts, playing sounds and for badging application icon
Notification/LocalNotificationListener.hListener for local notification events. Android, iOS
Notification/NotificationManager.hThe NotificationManager manages local and push notification events and dispatches them to the target notifications. Android, iOS
Notification/PushNotification.hPush notifications are used for displaying alerts, playing sounds and for badging application icon
Notification/PushNotificationListener.hListener for push notification events. Android, iOS
Purchase/Purchase.hThe Purchase class wraps a product that can be buyed and also all the details of the transaction(such as the receipt)
Purchase/PurchaseListener.hThe PurchaseListener can be used to listen for a purchase events
Purchase/PurchaseManager.hThe PurchaseManager manages purchase related events and dispatches them to the target products
Purchase/PurchaseManagerListener.hThe PurchaseManagerListener can be used to listen for restored or refunded products
Purchase/Receipt.hA Receipt wraps the details of a purchase
testify/bind.hppFunction and method wrappers for Testify
testify/common.hCommon definitions for Testify
testify/defaultlistener.hppDefault listener for Testify
testify/idelistener.hppIDE listener for Testify
testify/listenerhook.hppA hook for adding a listener to a Testify test run
testify/test.hppBase class for all tests for Testify
testify/testcase.hppTest case for Testify
testify/testfunction.hppWrapper for a test function for Testify
testify/testhook.hppHook to add a test or a collection of tests to Testify
testify/testify.hppAsserts and macros for Testify
testify/testlistener.hppTest listener for Testify
testify/testmanager.hppTest manager for Testify
Wormhole/CustomMoblet.hEvent manager, base class for applications
Wormhole/Encoder.hClass for encoding/decoding data
Wormhole/HighLevelBinaryDownloader.hA high-level object for downloading binary files
Wormhole/HighLevelHttpConnection.hA high-level HTTP connection object
Wormhole/HighLevelImageDownloader.hA high-level object for downloading image files
Wormhole/HighLevelTextDownloader.hA high-level object for downloading text files
Wormhole/HybridMoblet.hHigh-level moblet that has a WebView and supports communication between a JavaScript and C++
Wormhole/MessageProtocol.hClass for reading the protocol of a message from a WebView
Wormhole/MessageStream.hClass for parsing a stream of messages from a WebView
Wormhole/MessageStreamJSON.hClass for parsing JSON messages from a WebView
Wormhole/WebAppMoblet.hHigh-level moblet that has a WebView and supports communication between a JavaScript and C++
Wormhole/WebViewMessage.hClass for parsing messages from a WebView
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