MoSync 3.3
NativeUI::CameraPreview Class Reference

An instance of CameraPreview allows users to visualize the camera controller. Note: This is not available on Windows Phone 7. More...

#include <NativeUI/CameraPreview.h>

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Public Member Functions

 CameraPreview ()
virtual int bindToCurrentCamera ()
virtual ~CameraPreview ()
virtual void markWidgetHandleAsDeleted ()
virtual MAWidgetHandle getWidgetHandle () const
virtual int setProperty (const MAUtil::String &property, const MAUtil::String &value)
virtual int setPropertyInt (const MAUtil::String &property, const int value)
virtual int setPropertyFloat (const MAUtil::String &property, float value)
virtual int getPropertyInt (const MAUtil::String &property, int &resultCode)
virtual int getPropertyInt (const MAUtil::String &property)
virtual float getPropertyFloat (const MAUtil::String &property, int &resultCode)
virtual float getPropertyFloat (const MAUtil::String &property)
virtual MAUtil::String getPropertyString (const MAUtil::String &property, int &resultCode)
virtual MAUtil::String getPropertyString (const MAUtil::String &property)
virtual int addChild (Widget *widget)
virtual int insertChild (Widget *widget, const int index)
virtual int removeChild (Widget *widget)
virtual WidgetgetChild (const int index) const
virtual int countChildWidgets () const
virtual void setPosition (const int left, const int top)
virtual void setLeftPosition (const int left)
virtual void setTopPosition (const int top)
virtual void setSize (const int width, const int height)
virtual int getWidth ()
virtual int getHeight ()
virtual void setWidth (const int width)
virtual void setHeight (const int height)
virtual void fillSpaceHorizontally ()
virtual void fillSpaceVertically ()
virtual void wrapContentHorizontally ()
virtual void wrapContentVertically ()
virtual int setBackgroundColor (const int color)
virtual int setBackgroundColor (const int red, const int green, const int blue)
virtual int setBackgroundGradient (const int firstColor, const int secondColor)
virtual void setVisible (const bool visible)
virtual bool isVisible ()
virtual void setEnabled (bool enable)
virtual bool isEnabled ()
void setAlpha (const float value)
float getAlpha ()
virtual void addEventListener (WidgetEventListener *listener)
virtual void removeEventListener (WidgetEventListener *listener)
virtual void handleWidgetEvent (MAWidgetEventData *widgetEventData)
struct LastError getLastError ()
void setData (void *data)
void * getData ()

Protected Member Functions

void setLastErrorCode (int &errCode, const MAUtil::String &cause)

Detailed Description

An instance of CameraPreview allows users to visualize the camera controller. Note: This is not available on Windows Phone 7.

A Camera Preview is a widget that is used to display a live view of the camera rendered by the viewfinder. It has no specific properties (besides the base widget properties) attached to it because the camera is mostly handled via syscalls. So this widget is only used to enable the camera controller to be mapped with UI in devices that support Native UI. After creating the widget, remember to bind it to the camera controller via a call to maCameraSetPreview (passing the value from it's getWidgetHandle() method), or by calling the bindToCurrentCamera() method.

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