MoSync 3.3
Mtx::SaxContextBase Class Reference

Base class for SAX parser context wrappers. More...

#include <MTXml/MTSax.h>

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Mtx::SaxContext Mtx::SaxContextW

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Public Member Functions

 ~SaxContextBase (void)
void stop (void)
bool isStarted (void) const

Protected Member Functions

 SaxContextBase (void)

Static Protected Member Functions

static void encoding (MTXSaxContext *context, const char *value)
static void startElement (MTXSaxContext *context, const void *name, const void **attributes)
static void endElement (MTXSaxContext *context, const void *name)
static void characters (MTXSaxContext *context, const void *data, int length)
static void dataRemains (MTXSaxContext *context, const char *data, int length)
static void parseError (MTXSaxContext *context, int offset)

Protected Attributes

MTXSaxContext mContext

Detailed Description

Base class for SAX parser context wrappers.

This class wraps the mtxSax set of functions. To use it, you need to inherit and implement the MtxListener and SaxListener interfaces.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation


Mtx::SaxContextBase::SaxContextBase ( void  ) [protected]


Member Function Documentation

void Mtx::SaxContextBase::stop ( void  )

De-initializes this parser context if it was previously initialized.

See also:
bool Mtx::SaxContextBase::isStarted ( void  ) const
true if this parser context is initialized, otherwise false.
static void Mtx::SaxContextBase::encoding ( MTXSaxContext context,
const char *  value 
) [static, protected]
static void Mtx::SaxContextBase::startElement ( MTXSaxContext context,
const void *  name,
const void **  attributes 
) [static, protected]
static void Mtx::SaxContextBase::endElement ( MTXSaxContext context,
const void *  name 
) [static, protected]
static void Mtx::SaxContextBase::characters ( MTXSaxContext context,
const void *  data,
int  length 
) [static, protected]
static void Mtx::SaxContextBase::dataRemains ( MTXSaxContext context,
const char *  data,
int  length 
) [static, protected]
static void Mtx::SaxContextBase::parseError ( MTXSaxContext context,
int  offset 
) [static, protected]

Member Data Documentation

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