MoSync 3.3
MAUI::EditBoxListener Class Reference

Listener for EditBox events. More...

#include <MAUI/EditBox.h>

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Public Member Functions

virtual void textChanged (EditBox *eb, const String &text)
virtual void cursorMoved (EditBox *eb, int newCursor, int lastCursor)
virtual void characterDeleted (EditBox *eb, char c)
virtual void characterChanged (EditBox *eb, char c)
virtual void characterAdded (EditBox *eb, char c)

Detailed Description

Listener for EditBox events.

Each time the text is changed the textChanged callback will be invoked.

Member Function Documentation

virtual void MAUI::EditBoxListener::textChanged ( EditBox eb,
const String text 
) [virtual]
virtual void MAUI::EditBoxListener::cursorMoved ( EditBox eb,
int  newCursor,
int  lastCursor 
) [virtual]
virtual void MAUI::EditBoxListener::characterDeleted ( EditBox eb,
char  c 
) [virtual]
virtual void MAUI::EditBoxListener::characterChanged ( EditBox eb,
char  c 
) [virtual]
virtual void MAUI::EditBoxListener::characterAdded ( EditBox eb,
char  c 
) [virtual]
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