MoSync 3.3
Class List
Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
Ads::BannerProvides a widget that displays advertisement to the user. When the user taps a banner, it triggers an action programmed into the advertisement. Your application is notified when an action starts or stops. The banner works with NativeUI library. The banner can be added only to a NativeUI layout object
Ads::BannerListenerListener for banner events
Ads::BannerManagerClass that handles banner events
BarShaderBarShader class, Shader class for holding its specific parameters
BMCommonStruct name: BMCommon used for parsing BMCommon information from .fnt file contains information that is common for this font
BMFontClass name: BMFont (main class) main Font class that holds all information about the specific font. Texture and each character info. also provides with building a vertex table
BMInfoStruct name: BMFont used for parsing BMInfo (header part of .fnt file)
BMKerningStruct name: BMKerning used for parsing the BMKerning entry from .fnt file contains kerning information, spacing between one character to another character
BMPageStruct name: BMPage used for parsing the BMPage entry from .fnt file contains texture index to be used, one font could contain several texture
div_tType that contains the quotient and reminder of a divison
DTimeDelta time class for more specific usage of fps time elapsed time since last frame
FacebookManagerClass that manages the connections requests, Facebook objects and publishing
FileListerLists the contents of a device's file system. It can be reused for multiple listings
GetPermissionsClass used for all the permissions that we can ask from Facebook
GetPermissionsFor< Album >Template class for retrieving the permissions needed for a connection or to make a publish request on a Album object
GetPermissionsFor< Checkin >Template class for retrieving the permissions needed for a connection or to make a publish request on a Checkin object
GetPermissionsFor< Comment >Template class for retrieving the permissions needed for a connection or to make a publish request on a Comment object
GetPermissionsFor< Event >Template class for retrieving the permissions needed for a connection or to make a publish request on a Event object
GetPermissionsFor< Event >::Publish
GetPermissionsFor< FriendList >Template class for retrieving the permissions needed for a connection or to make a publish request on a FriendList object
GetPermissionsFor< Group >Template class for retrieving the permissions needed for a connection or to make a publish request on a Group object
GetPermissionsFor< Link >Template class for retrieving the permissions needed for a connection or to make a publish request on a Link object
GetPermissionsFor< Note >Template class for retrieving the permissions needed for a connection or to make a publish request on a Note object
GetPermissionsFor< Photo >Template class for retrieving the permissions needed for a connection or to make a publish request on a Photo object
GetPermissionsFor< Post >Template class for retrieving the permissions needed for a connection or to make a publish request on a Post object
GetPermissionsFor< StatusMessage >Template class for retrieving the permissions needed for a connection or to make a publish request on a StatusMessage object
GetPermissionsFor< User >Template class for retrieving the permissions needed for a connection or to make a publish request on a User object
GetPermissionsFor< User >::Publish
GetPermissionsFor< User >::Retrieve
GetPermissionsFor< User >::Retrieve::Connection
GetPermissionsFor< User >::Retrieve::Field
GetPermissionsFor< Video >Template class for retrieving the permissions needed for a connection or to make a publish request on a Video object
IAP::PurchaseWraps a product that can be bought and also all the details of the transaction(such as the receipt)
IAP::PurchaseListenerListener for purchase related events
IAP::PurchaseManagerClass that handles purchase related events
IAP::PurchaseManagerListenerListener for restored or refunded products
IAP::ReceiptA Receipt wraps the details of a purchase
IFontInterface for any Font class to use
LineShaderLineShader class
MA_STACK_FRAMEA MoSync call stack frame
MAGraphicsDriver_tA driver struct to make multiple implementations of the graphics API possible
MAP::CloudMadeMapSourceA map source using map tile servers at CloudMade (
MAP::GeoPointA Geographical location point that stores location information for a point
MAP::GeoPointDataSourceAbstract class for accessing GeoPoint data
MAP::GeoPointLayerLayer class for GeoPoint
MAP::GeoPointLayerRendererAbstract base class for client to implement the rendering
MAP::GoogleMapSourceImplements a MapSource for Google Static Maps
MAP::IGeoPointDataSourceListenerListener Class for GeoPointDataSource class
MAP::IGeoPointLayerListenerListener class for GeoPointLayer
MAP::ILayerListenerInteface for notifications about changes in a map layer
MAP::ILayerMapViewportListenerListener class for LayerMapViewport
MAP::IMapCacheListenerListener class, for listening client to implement
MAP::IMapSourceListenerListener for MapSource client to implement
MAP::IMapViewportListenerListener class, for listening client to implement
MAP::LayerRepresentation of a single layer in a map
MAP::LayerMapViewportSimple slippy map viewport
MAP::LonLatT< MagnificationT >This class maintains a coordinate in latitude / longitude, and provides conversion function to and from other coordinate systems
MAP::MagnificationTypeThe type used to represent a magnification
MAP::MapCacheManages map caches for clients to access. Implemented as singleton
MAP::MapSourceBase class for map sources
MAP::MapTileSingle tile from a map source
MAP::MapTileCoordinateDescribes location of a tile in the tile grid
MAP::MapViewportSimple slippy map viewport
MAP::MapWidgetSimple slippy map widget
MAP::OpenStreetMapSourceOpenStreetMap map source
MAP::PixelCoordinateT< MagnificationT >Describes a pixel coordinate on the global grid of pixels
MAP::TraceScopeUtility class for timing and marking the start and end of a block
MAPUtil::Broadcaster< T >This template class enables typed notification broadcasting to multiple listeners
MAPUtil::ColorSmall utility class for representing colors
MAPUtil::DateTimeDateTime is a C++ class for time stamps
MAPUtil::Enumerator< T >Generic enumerator class
MAPUtil::IEnumerable< T >Generic Enumerable interface template
MAPUtil::MemoryMgrSimple resource tracking class
MAPUtil::Queue< T >Template class for a queue with a limited fixed capacity
MAPUtil::TimeSpanClass for representing a time span. Span can be positive as well as negative
MATest::TestCaseA test case
MATest::TestListenerListener for events triggered by the tests
MATest::TestSuiteA list of TestCases
MATest::XMLOutputTestListenerListener for events triggered by the tests and ouputs them to a store, as xml
MAUI::AnimatedImageAnimated image widget with stepping, speed and direction control
MAUI::CharDescriptorA character descriptor for a bitmap font
MAUI::CharsetA character set for a bitmap font
MAUI::DefaultInputManagerDefault input management for keys and pointers
MAUI::EditBoxEdit box widget, multi and single line
MAUI::EditBoxListenerListener for EditBox events
MAUI::EngineWidget manager
MAUI::FontBitmap font
MAUI::ImageImage widget, with position, size, and autosizing control
MAUI::ImageGeneratorsUtility generating linear and circular gradients
MAUI::InputManagerInput management for keys and pointers
MAUI::ItemSelectedListenerListener interface that receives notifications when an item in a ListBox is selected
MAUI::LabelText label widget with alignment control
MAUI::LayoutLayout and navigation of child widgets in a grid
MAUI::ListBoxList box widget for horizontal or vertical lists
MAUI::ScalerUtility for scaling images by nearest neighbour or bilinearly
MAUI::ScreenA displayable screen; a container for MAUI widgets
MAUI::WidgetA MAUI widget; a graphical object the user can interact with
MAUI::WidgetListenerA Widget listener which detects trigger, selection, state and positional changes
MAUI::WidgetSkinA customizable skin for widgets
MAUI::WidgetSkin::CacheElementCache element for skins
MAUI::WidgetSkin::CacheKeyKey to cache element for skins
MAUtil::AudioDownloaderThe AudioDownloader class. Use it to simplify asynchronous downloading of audio to audio resources. Note that for AudioDownloader to work, the server must return a content-length header in the HTTP response
MAUtil::BasicString< Tchar >A dynamic, reference-counted string that behaves much like a subset of std::string
MAUtil::BluetoothConnectionCan connect to a Bluetooth service by UUID. Works mostly like a Connection, except the connect() method is different
MAUtil::BluetoothDeviceDiscoveryListenerAn interface for listening to Bluetooth device discovery events
MAUtil::BluetoothDiscovererA class that connects to Environment and handles Bluetooth discovery operations
MAUtil::BluetoothListenerA listener for Bluetooth Discovery events
MAUtil::BluetoothServiceDiscoveryListenerAn interface for listening to Bluetooth service discovery events
MAUtil::BtDeviceA C++ representation of a Bluetooth device
MAUtil::BtServiceA C++ representation of a Bluetooth service
MAUtil::BuffDownloaderSimplifies asynchronous downloading of data to a memory buffer
MAUtil::BuffDownloadListenerListener for events from the BuffDownloader class
MAUtil::CameraListenerA listener for camera events
MAUtil::CharInputA C++ wrapper for the text input system
MAUtil::CharInputListenerA listener for character input events
MAUtil::CloseListenerA listener for the Close event
MAUtil::ConnectionAn Environment-based communications class. Encapsulates MoSync's basic connection system, which supports, for example, TCP, HTTP and Bluetooth
MAUtil::ConnectionListenerA listener for events from the Connection class. All the default implementations call maPanic()
MAUtil::ConnListenerA listener for Connection events
MAUtil::CustomEventListenerA listener for custom events
MAUtil::DataHandlerFacilitates consecutive reads and writes to a MoSync data object
MAUtil::Dictionary< Key, Storage >Thin template sorted Dictionary
MAUtil::Dictionary< Key, Storage >::ConstIteratorConst Iterator for a Dictionary
MAUtil::Dictionary< Key, Storage >::DictNodeInternal storage
MAUtil::Dictionary< Key, Storage >::IteratorIterator for a Dictionary
MAUtil::DownloadControllerControls certain aspects of Downloader behavior
MAUtil::DownloaderThe Downloader class. Use it to simplify asynchronous downloading of files to binary resources
MAUtil::DownloaderReaderBase class for classes that perform the download
MAUtil::DownloaderReaderThatReadsChunksClass that handles download when content-length is NOT known. Here we read in chunks until we get result CONNERR_CLOSED in connRecvFinished
MAUtil::DownloaderReaderWithKnownContentLengthClass that handles download when content-length is known
MAUtil::DownloadListenerA listener for events from the Downloader class
MAUtil::EnvironmentA base class for cross-platform event managers
MAUtil::Environment::TimerEventInstanceA timer event
MAUtil::FocusListenerA listener for focus events
MAUtil::GLMobletOpenGL|ES fullscreen moblet
MAUtil::HashDict< Key, Storage >Thin template unsorted dictionary
MAUtil::HashDict< Key, Storage >::ConstIteratorConst Iterator for a HashDict
MAUtil::HashDict< Key, Storage >::HashNodeInternal storage
MAUtil::HashDict< Key, Storage >::IteratorIterator for a HashDict
MAUtil::HashMap< Key, Value >Thin template HashMap
MAUtil::HashSet< Key >Thin template HashSet
MAUtil::HttpConnectionThis class describes a single HTTP 1.0 operation
MAUtil::HttpConnectionListenerA listener for events from the HttpConnection class
MAUtil::IdleListenerA listener whose function is called whenever nothing else has to be done
MAUtil::ImageDownloaderThe ImageDownloader class. Use it to simplify asynchronous downloading of images to image resources
MAUtil::KeyListenerA listener for keypad events
MAUtil::List< Type >A generic, dynamic list container
MAUtil::List< Type >::ConstListIteratorA constant iterator for a list container
MAUtil::List< Type >::ListIteratorAn iterator for a list container
MAUtil::List< Type >::ListNodeA node in a list container
MAUtil::ListenerSet< T >A listener set
MAUtil::ListenerSet< T >::iteratorAn iterator for a listener set
MAUtil::Map< Key, Value >Thin template sorted Map
MAUtil::MediaExportListenerA listener for media export operations
MAUtil::MobletA C++ event manager, a base class for applications
MAUtil::OrientationListenerA listener for orientation changes. Note: If the application uses NativeUI, it is preffered to use Screen::addScreenListener() instead, so that all events will be received for specific screens
MAUtil::Pair< F, S >Template storage for a pair of objects
MAUtil::PointPoint geometric helper structure/function
MAUtil::PointerListenerA listener for pointer events
MAUtil::RectRect geometric helper structure/function
MAUtil::RefCountedA base class for reference counting
MAUtil::SensorListenerA listener for maSensor events
MAUtil::ServerEncapsulates MoSync's server connections. Use this class to listen for incoming connections
MAUtil::ServerListenerReceives events from MAUtil::Server
MAUtil::Set< Key >Thin template sorted Set
MAUtil::Stack< T >Generic, dynamic stack container. A restricted subset of vector
MAUtil::StringData< Tchar >A class that holds the actual data used by String
MAUtil::TextBoxListenerA listener for maTextBox events
MAUtil::TimerListenerA listener for timer events
MAUtil::Vector< Type >A generic, dynamic, random-access container
MoGraph::AxisHandles the AXIS lines includeing grid marks to show the steps for a value
MoGraph::AxisMgrAxisMgr class handles several Axis lines for the graph display
MoGraph::BarMgrBarMgr handles all the bars that are being displayed using Render base class for the render calls init() & draw()
MoGraph::GraphGraph This is the main interfaced class for the Graph lib
MoGraph::GraphDescGraphDesc. Graph Description used for its input data to set up the graph
MoGraph::IGraphIGraph class, interface for the Graph
MoGraph::IRenderRender Base class used for all render objects like Bars, Text, Lines contains a reference to the scene, the scene objects has all relevant information about the scene
MoGraph::LineLine struct Grid/Axis/Line display in graph, axis aligned, but could be rotated at will
MoGraph::SceneScene handling all object in scene. holds scene matrices like Perspective Projection, View and World Matrices
MoGraph::TextText struct text display in graph
MoGraph::TouchTouch is a sturct that contains all info around a touch event
MoGraph::TouchInputTouchInput class used for handling the swipes for rotation and double swipe for scaling
Mtx::ContextA C++ wrapper for MTXml, with Latin-1 output
Mtx::ContextBaseBase class for C++ MTXml wrappers
Mtx::ContextWA C++ wrapper for MTXml, with wide-char Unicode output
Mtx::MtxListenerListener for special MTXml events
Mtx::SaxContext8-bit SAX parser context wrapper class
Mtx::SaxContextBaseBase class for SAX parser context wrappers
Mtx::SaxContextWWide-char SAX parser context wrapper class
Mtx::SaxListener8-bit SAX parser callback interface
Mtx::SaxListenerT< Tchar >Base class for SAX parser callback interfaces
Mtx::SaxListenerWWide-char SAX parser callback interface
Mtx::XmlListenerListener for 8-bit MTXml events
Mtx::XmlListenerT< Tchar >Base class for MTXml Listeners
Mtx::XmlListenerWListener for wide-char MTXml events
MTXContextThe context of an MTXml parser
MTXSaxContext_tThe context of an MTSax parser
NativeUI::ActivityIndicatorAn instance of ActivityIndicator is used for displaying the indeterminate progress of a task over time
NativeUI::ButtonClass for buttons
NativeUI::ButtonListenerListener for button events
NativeUI::CameraClass responsible for camera layout and functionalities
NativeUI::CameraPreviewAn instance of CameraPreview allows users to visualize the camera controller. Note: This is not available on Windows Phone 7
NativeUI::CameraPreviewDataContainer for camera preview data
NativeUI::CameraSnapshotDataContainer for camera snapshot data
NativeUI::CheckBoxAn instance of CheckBox is used for displaying an two-states button
NativeUI::CheckBoxListenerListener for CheckBox events
NativeUI::CustomPickerA widget that provides a quick way to select one value from a set. Platform: Android, iOS
NativeUI::CustomPickerListenerListener for CustomPicker events
NativeUI::DateStruct to hold a date
NativeUI::DatePickerA Date Picker is a widget for selecting a date
NativeUI::DatePickerListenerListener for DatePicker events
NativeUI::DialogClass that represents a modal dialog. A dialog cannot have any parent, it acts only as a container of other widgets. A dialog is a sort of modal view, that can look different depending on the platform:
NativeUI::DialogListenerListener for modal dialog events
NativeUI::EditBoxClass for edit box
NativeUI::EditBoxListenerListener for EditBox events
NativeUI::GLViewA GL view is a widget that is used to display graphics rendered by the GPU using OpenGL calls. Note: This widget is not available on Windows Phone 7
NativeUI::GLViewListenerListener for GLView events
NativeUI::HorizontalLayoutA horizontal layout is a layout that stacks widgets in the horizontal axis
NativeUI::ImageClass for images
NativeUI::ImageButtonClass for image buttons
NativeUI::LabelClass for labels
NativeUI::LastErrorA structure that holds information about the last error that occurred by using the wrapper methods
NativeUI::LayoutClass for layouts
NativeUI::ListViewAn instance of ListView is used for displaying list of information. For list view events see ListViewListener
NativeUI::ListViewItemClass for list view items
NativeUI::ListViewListenerListener for ListView events
NativeUI::ListViewSectionA ListViewSection widget is used to group one or more ListViewItem objects
NativeUI::MapMap widget wrapper class
NativeUI::MapListenerListener for Map events
NativeUI::MapPinListenerListener for Map pin events
NativeUI::NavigationBarA navigation bar is an iPhone specific widget that shows a nav bar with an optional title, back button and icon. The default background color is light blue gradient. The appearance depends on the platform:
NativeUI::NavigationBarListenerListener for NavigationBar events
NativeUI::NumberPickerA Number Picker is a widget that enables the user to select a number from a predefined range
NativeUI::NumberPickerListenerListener for NumberPicker events
NativeUI::PanoramaViewClass that represents a visible panorama view. Note that this is available only on Windows Phone 7. A panorama control is a Windows Phone 7 specific control. The paroramaView is a screen container which may contain more then one screen. A screen can spann over the hardware screen width. In order to enable this you will have to set the width property of a screen to a certain value. For more information regarding this control please check the following link:
NativeUI::ProgressBarAn instance of ProgressBar is used for displaying the progress of a task over time
NativeUI::RadioButtonAn instance of RadioButton is used to create a two-states button that can be either checked or unchecked. A radio button can only have a RadioGroup parent. Add a radio button to a radio group by calling radioGroup->addView(radioButton). Checking one radio button that belongs to a radio group unchecks any previously checked radio button within the same group. Initially, all of the radio buttons are unchecked. While it is not possible to uncheck a particular radio button, the radio group can be cleared to remove the checked state. A radio button is available only on Android. For radio group events see RadioButtonListener
NativeUI::RadioButtonListenerListener for RadioButton events
NativeUI::RadioGroupAn instance of RadioGroup is used to create a multiple-exclusion scope for a set of RadioButtons. A radio group is available only on Android. For radio group events see RadioGroupListener
NativeUI::RadioGroupListenerListener for RadioGroup events
NativeUI::RatingBarAn instance of RatingBar is used for displaying a rating in stars. Usually, the default stars number is 5. The user can touch/drag or use arrow keys to set the rating when using the default size RatingBar. When using a RatingBar that supports user interaction, placing widgets to the left or right of the RatingBar is discouraged. For rating bar events see RatingBarListener
NativeUI::RatingBarListenerListener for RatingBar events
NativeUI::RelativeLayoutA relative layout is a layout that layouts widgets relative to its coordinate system
NativeUI::ScreenClass that represents a visible screen. For screen events see ScreenListener
NativeUI::ScreenListenerInterface for Screen event listeners. Use it when the screen has attached an options menu. The options menu can be set to a screen by adding items through addOptionsMenuItem
NativeUI::SearchBarA search bar is a special kind of edit box that is used for searching. Note: This is not available on Windows Phone 7
NativeUI::SearchBarListenerInterface for search bar event listeners
NativeUI::SliderAn instance of Slider is used for selecting a single value from a continuous range of values
NativeUI::SliderListenerListener for Slider events
NativeUI::StackScreenA stack screen is a special type of screen that manages navigation between a set of screens
NativeUI::StackScreenListenerListener for StackScreen events
NativeUI::TabScreenClass that represents a screen with tabs
NativeUI::TabScreenListenerInterface for tab screen event listeners
NativeUI::TextWidgetBase class for widgets that have a text property
NativeUI::TimePickerA Time Picker is a widget for selecting time of day in 24 hour mode
NativeUI::TimePickerListenerListener for TimePicker events
NativeUI::ToggleButtonClass for a a special kind of check button. It is available on Android, iOS and Windows Phone 7. On iOS it looks and acts exactly the same as CheckBox widget. For toggle button events see ToggleButtonListener
NativeUI::ToggleButtonListenerListener for ToggleButton events
NativeUI::VerticalLayoutClass for vertical layouts
NativeUI::VideoViewAn instance of VideoView is used for managing the playback of a movie from a file or a network stream
NativeUI::VideoViewListenerInterface for video view event listeners
NativeUI::WebViewA web view is a widget used to render web pages
NativeUI::WebViewListenerListener for WebView events
NativeUI::WidgetBase class for all widgets
NativeUI::WidgetEventListenerInterface for widget event listeners
NativeUI::WidgetManagerClass that handles widget events
Notification::LocalNotificationLocal notifications are used for displaying alerts, playing sounds and for badging application icon. The operating system is responsible for delivering the notification at the proper time; the application does not have to be running for this to happen. When you create a local notification, you must specify when the system should deliver the notification(see fire date property). If you don't specify a fire date, the default System time will be set
Notification::LocalNotificationListenerListener for local notification events
Notification::NotificationFlashLightsFlashing LED lights. Define color and pattern. Platform: Android only
Notification::NotificationManagerClass that handles notification events. It contains methods for setting & getting application's characteristics (e.g. application icon badge number on iOS)
Notification::PushNotificationPush notifications are used for displaying alerts, playing sounds and for badging application icon. A push notification is send from a server and received by an application. An application can register for receiving push notifications using registerPushNotification function(NotificationManager class). On iOS platform a push notification can contain a badge number for the application icon, an alert sound and an alert message to display to the user. Check what contains a notification by calling containsMessage(), containsSoundFileName() and containsIconBadgeNumber() functions. On Android platform a push notification can contain a message, a title and a ticker text: the text that flows by in the status bar when the notification first activates
Notification::PushNotificationListenerListener for push notification events
ReadCSVClass ReadCSV
RenderTextRenderText class generic text rendering class based on the output
Shader, base class for Shader
Testify::DefaultListenerThe default listener. Prints everything out to stdout
Testify::FunctorA function or method wrapper, possibly along with its parameters. It can conveniently be called without having to care about it's details
Testify::IDEListenerThe MoSync IDE listener. Prints everything out to the log
Testify::ListenerHookA hook for adding a listener to test run. It uses global constructors to add the listener to the test manager
Testify::TestA base class for all tests. It is wrapped by TestCase and TestFunction to handle the different cases
Testify::TestCaseA test case. This class should be overloaded to handle test cases
Testify::TestFunctionA wrapper for a test function. It's main reason for existing is to provide homogeneous interface without special cases
Testify::TestHookA hook used to add a test or a collection of tests. It uses global constructors to add the actual tests to the test manager
Testify::TestListenerA callback interface for listening to events
Testify::TestManagerThe Testify test manager
TextShaderTextShader class
TextureStoreTextureStore stores texture index for the shader to use. TODO add more texture info in here in the future
TimeTime class, generic class that handles time from x and measuring elapsed time generic usage
tmComponents of a calendar date and time
VertexTypeVertexType contains vertex info, position and texture coordinate
Wormhole::EncoderClass with methods to encode/decode data as strings
Wormhole::FileUtilClass that contains utility methods
Wormhole::HighLevelReaderBase class for helper classes that handle the download. We have only one such class right now, HighLevelReaderThatReadsChunks
Wormhole::HighLevelReaderThatReadsChunksClass that handles download when content-length is NOT known. Here we read in chunks until we get result CONNERR_CLOSED in connRecvFinished
Wormhole::HybridMobletMoblet designed to make it easy to add custom C++ code that can be invoked from JavaScript. This class provides a Wormhole-enabled WebView, methods to extract and load your HTML files and JavaScript code, and a structure for communicating with JavaScript
Wormhole::MessageProtocolClass that checks a Wormhole protocol
Wormhole::MessageStreamClass that parses messages from the WebView
Wormhole::MessageStreamJSONClass that parses JSON messages from the WebView
Wormhole::WebAppMobletA Moblet with additional functionality that allows easier interaction with JavaScript code. It provides a wormhole-enabled WebView, methods to extract and load your HTML files and JavaScript code, and a structure for communicating with your JS code
Wormhole::WebViewMessageClass that parses messages from the WebView
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