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What's New in MoSync Reload Beta (Previous Release Notes)

Our Beta 4 release of MoSync Reload (compatible with the MoSync SDK 3.1) provides more functionality for debugging HTML5/JavaScript apps in the Reload environment. Additionally, it includes bug fixes to achieve better stability. Reload Beta 5 adds automatic node.js installation.

Support for Remote Logging

Android, iOS and Windows Phone 7

Debugging your apps can be difficult without the proper tools. That's why we have introduced a remote logging feature, remote log, in MoSync Reload. Just add your rlog statements in your HTML5 and JavaScript code and whenever the application hits that line your logging information will be displayed in the Reload Server. Tutorial | JavaScript reference.

JavaScript On-Device Debugging on OS X


iOS application developers need all the help they can get. But now if you are running MoSync Reload and the iOS simulator, you can access and debug your JavaScript code using the Safari Web Inspector. You have full debugging capabilities including breakpoints and DOM manipulation! Developer's guide

Note: The debugging features would only work on iOS 5.0 and above, to use reload client with older versions of iOS please get it from the App Store.

New User Guides and Tutorials

  • Installing MoSync Reload — a comprehensive guide to installing our rapid HTML5/JavaScript development tool, with complete instructions for Windows, iOS, and Linux development environments.
  • Reading Sensors from JavaScript — a new tutorial that takes you through the process of building a spirit level app that displays orientation data from the device's accelerometer.
  • Debugging JavaScript with rlog — a beginner's guide to using the remote logging function in MoSync Reload.
  • Debugging  HML5/JavaScript on OS X  — a guide to debugging JavaScript code running in the iOS simulator using MoSync Reload running on an OS X machine with xCode.

All documentation is available online at

Known Issues & Limitations for MoSync Reload Beta 4

Bugs Fixed in MoSync Reload Beta 4

New in MoSync Reload Beta 5

  • Compatibility with MoSync SDK 3.1.1
  • node.js is now included in the Reload download package and is installed automatically. See our updated installation guide.

Bugs Fixed in MoSync Reload Beta 5