What's New in MoSync SDK 2.7

Our 2.7 release is packed with new features for cross-platform mobile application developers. We've enhanced MoSync's HTML5 and JavaScript support, created a near field communications API, and ported the C++ Standard Template Library and the C Newlib library to MoSync. There are many new code templates and example applications in the IDE, and tutorials and user guides online. Let's take a look.

Wormhole - HTML5, CSS & JavaScript Support

iOS and Android

We're introducing Wormhole - a technology which makes it possible to build apps which seamlessly blend HTML5/JavaScript with C++ code. We've also greatly enhanced support for HTML5 applications in the IDE. That means you can bundle HTML/CSS/JavaScript/media files with your application, and edit HTML and JavaScript files right in the IDE, with syntax support. You can create native applications with rich web content, and develop advanced JavaScript applications that communicate with all the services provided by the MoSync API. You'll be up and running with a slick JavaScript app that talks to all those powerful MoSync C syscalls and C++ libraries in no time. More...

Near Field Communication API

Android 2.3.3+

Our NFC API is packed with functions that allow your application to talk to the near field communication (NFC)  features on the latest Android devices. That means that you can write applications that communicate with NFC tags according to the latest protocols and standards (NDEF, IsoDep, Mifare Classic/Ultralight), opening a whole range of possibilities for payment, personal identification, and similar close-proximity applications. More...

STL ported to MoSync

All platforms

We have ported the C++ Standard Template Library (STL) to MoSync. This feature-packed code library will already be familiar to many programmers, thanks to its all-round usefulness to computer science and industry. It provides many powerful algorithms, containers, associative arrays, and iterators, to simplify data handling within advanced applications. More...

Newlib ported to MoSync

All platforms

We have also ported the Newlib standard C library to MoSync. Newlib is particularly suited for mobile devices and embedded systems. It is a conglomeration of several library parts, all under free software licenses. It provides subroutines for handling files, environment variables, processes, output streams and memory. More...

New IDE Templates

  • HTML5 Project
  • HTML5/C++ Project
  • MoSync C Newlib Project
  • MoSync C++ STL Project
  • MoSync NativeUI C++ Project

These templates are available when creating new projects in the MoSync IDE. For an overview of all the available templates, see Creating Projects from Templates.

New Example Applications

  • NFCExample — a new example application that demonstrates how to use a new near field communication API to read and send tags to NFC-aware devices.
  • WebViewGeolocation — a new example application that displays your current location and demonstrates the basic mechanisms for communicating between JavaScript and C++.
  • WebViewTwitter — a simple Twitter client that shows tweets by selected users. It makes use of the jQuery JavaScript library and its jQtouch plug-in for touchscreen devices, together with the MoSync Wormhole Library.
  • WebViewLoveSMS — a fun app that makes use of JavaScript to send text messages with smileys to friends and loved ones. 

Documentation for all examples is available at http://www.mosync.com/content/demo-examples.

New User Guides and Tutorials

All documentation is available online at http://www.mosync.com/documentation.

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