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Importing the Examples

The MoSync SDK comes with dozens of example apps in its /examples folder that demonstrate the use of its Libraries and API functions. Here we show you how to import the example applications into the MoSync IDE. For a description of each example application, see the Example Applications overview.

There are two ways to import the example applications:

  • On the MoSync Welcome screen, click the Import HTML5/JS Examples or the Import C/C++ Examples link. (To see the Welcome screen if it is closed, select Help > Welcome). A new workspace will open with the selected examples loaded into it. (Note: If the examples already exist in the current workspace they are not replaced.)
  • Select the Import menu option from the File menu, then select MoSync > Existing MoSync project into workspace. Click Next and browse to the /examples folder in your MoSync folder. This method allows you to choose the workspace into which the example applications will be imported and to set various import options. See Importing Projects and Files for information about the Import wizard.

After import, the example application projects will be visible in the Project Explorer:

To build and run an example application in the MoRE emulator, open one of the examples in Project Explorer, then click the Run button on the toolbar, or press Ctrl+F11.

Note that some examples (for example those that use NativeUI and OpenGLES) cannot be run in the MoRE emulator. They need to be transfered to a device (see Sending to a Device).

We provide a description of all of our example applications including any requirements they have in our document library online and in the code of the application itself.

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