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The Issue Tracker

The MoSync Issue Tracker is based on Jira and can be found here: Jira allow users to see more than just one project at a time and ongoing work for up-and-coming releases and is integral in our development.

How to Add an Issue

Note: To post or follow issues you will need to create a user ID on Jira.

Follow the instructions and log in.

Next you will be presented with a dashboard. This gives an overview of the MoSync project.

At the top right there is a button to create an issue. This screen allows you to define if this issue is a Bug or New Feature. These are currently the only two issue types open to users.

The following screen shows what we would like you to fill in as a minimum.

Issue Resolution

Issues are usually resolved in 7 stages:

OpenA newly reported issue, no action taken yet
AcceptedA developer has accepted the issue and will soon start working on it
In ProgressA developer is working on the issue
ResolvedThe developer feels that the issue has been dealt with.
Code ReviewThe code is read is ready for code review.
Waiting QAThe code has been merged and QA can build and verify the issue is resolved. In most cases the fix will be in the next nightly build.
VerifiedThe QA department has checked the solution and has agreed that it is fixed

Reporting Issues

Some things to keep in mind before reporting an issue:

  • Please search the Issue Tracker to see if this issue has already been posted. It helps reduce our workload if there are no duplicate issues!
  • Please provide test cases, or sample code, or screen snapshots as attachments to your issue, if they are relevant.
  • If you know the exact area of the product where a bug is, use the issue labels to select the appropriate part of the product. The more accurately you label your issue, the faster we can process it.
  • Sometimes our developers and testers might want more information, the easiest way to communicate is via comments on the issue.
  • The Issue Tracker notifies you of comments posted and status updates to your issues. (You can turn this feature off — but if you do, remember to check back periodically to see what is happening with your issues.
  • If you find other issues that are of interest to you and you would like to keep track of them, simply click on the watch next to the issue. You will be notified by email about all changes to your starred issues.

Feature Requests

If you have suggestions for improving MoSync, enter it as an issue into the Jira issue tracker. Provide as much information as you like. We love feedback, and we are more than happy to let our user base help us determine the direction of development.

If you are missing a feature in MoSync, why not write it up? The development team keeps a close watch on the Issue Tracker so your queries and posts will usually be attended to within a few days. We are committed to providing the best possible user experience. Help us make MoSync the most powerful mobile development solution on the planet!

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