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What's New in MoSync SDK 3.1

Our 3.1 release of the MoSync SDK introduces a new C++ library and C API for managing in-app purchases. We've consolidated our support for the Windows Phone 7 platform and created an App Showcase to help you publicize your apps. We have also created some great new tutorials and user guides, and upgraded many aspects of our website to make it even easier to get started with the MoSync SDK. Let's take a look.

Support for In-App Purchases

Android and iOS

If you are serious about app development, sooner or later you will want to provide your users with a way to purchase products—like upgrades, extensions, or related apps—from within your own application. Our new Purchase C API and its C++ Library wrapper makes it easy for your to offer your users products they can purchase, for your users to view their purchase and refund histories, and for you to track each user's transaction status. Monetizing your apps has never been simpler! Module overview | Tutorial | C++ Library Reference | C API Reference | Example application.

Number & Time Pickers on Windows Phone

Windows Phone 7

We have extended our NativeUI C++ Library with support for the Number Picker and Time Picker widgets on Microsoft's Windows Phone 7 platform. That makes it easy to provide your users with the native widgets they expect when picking definable ranges of values and times. We've also implemented alert boxes (maAlert) and application option bars (maWidgetScreenAddOptionsMenuItem) IOCTLs on Windows Phone 7. C++ Library Reference | C API Reference | Feature/Platform Matrix.

Improved Date Picker Widget

Windows Phone 7

We've upgraded the NativeUI C++ Library's Date Picker widget so that you can now define on Windows Phone 7 the range of dates the user can select from. That's something which has not been possible to do out-of-the-box on Microsoft's platform and should reduce many coding headaches. C++ Library Reference.

New App Showcase

Have you built an app with the MoSync SDK or with MoSync Reload? Our new App Showcase helps you promote your work and make it visible to iPhone, Android, and Windows Phone users, and also help us demonstrate the power of MoSync's tools to build cool, innovative apps. If you have created an app with the MoSync SDK or with MoSync Reload and have published on a store, why not visit our website, log in and submit your app's details.

Improved Web Site Search

We have a huge number of user guides, tutorials, and reference manuals online, as well as dozens of blog posts, white papers, forum topics, and other interesting resources. Our old search engine just couldn't cope with the sheer volume of documentation so we've moved to a better, faster Google-based search. Our new search engine returns results from our main web site, the MoSync discussion forums, our GitHub repository, the Jira Issue tracker, and several other MoSync-related sites, making it much easier to find what you are looking for.

New Example Applications

  • PurchaseExample — a new example application that demonstrates how to inform the user that a product or extension is available for purchase from within your own application.

Documentation for all examples is available at ../../../sdk/index.html.

New User Guides and Tutorials

  • Installing MoSync Reload — a comprehensive guide to installing our rapid HTML5/JavaScript development tool, with complete instructions for Windows, iOS, and Linux development environments.
  • Reading Sensors from JavaScript — a new tutorial that takes you through the process of building a spirit level app that displays orientation data from the device's accelerometer.
  • The Purchase Library and API — a new overview introducing our Purchase C++ Library and Purchase C API for controlling purchases from within your own applications.
  • Managing In-App Purchases — a new tutorial highlighting the steps needed to implement in-app purchasing within your application.
  • Debugging JavaScript with rlog — a beginner's guide to using the remote logging function in MoSync Reload.

We have also updated many of our existing user guides and tutorials, including: Creating User Interfaces, Feature/Platform Matrix, Creating Projects from Templates.

All documentation is available online at MoSync Developer Home.

Privacy Statement

We take the privacy of the members of our community seriously. That's why we publish a clear statement about the data we hold on behalf of our registered users and what we do with it. We encourage you to make use of the opt-in to statistics gathering during builds - the data is gathered anonymously, but provides us with vital information about the popularity of our templates.

Known Issues and Limitations for the MoSync SDK

Bugs Fixed in MoSync SDK 3.1

Bugs Fixed in MoSync SDK 3.1.1

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