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Extending HTML5 Apps with Lua

MobileLua is a port of Lua to MoSync. There are two ways to author MobleLua apps:

  • The easiest way is by using the MoSync Mobile IDE, and this is the way you need to use when developing a stand-alone app that can be deployed to the app stores.

  • The alternative way is to use LuaLive, an editor and client app that supports live editing and interactive development of Lua apps. This is a great way to experiment and learn Lua. It is also a very productive way of developing MobileLua apps as it dramatically cuts down the edit/build/deploy cycle.

In our screencast The JavaScript Lua Bridge Explained, Iraklis and Micki take a look at the basic architecture of JavaScript/Lua apps and show how easy it is to create them.

There is also a dedicated site for MobileLua on GitHub. It provides all the information you need to get working with Lua in MoSync or LuaLive.

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