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Release Notes for MoSync SDK 3.3

Getting started

Try out the MoSync SDK, right away! The following guides show you how to get started to create native apps that can be deployed to the App Stores.

If you are a C/C++ developer, get started with:
Creating Your First C/C++ App

If you are a JavaScript/HTML5 developer, get going with:
Creating Your First JavaScript App

JavaScript debugging

The MoSync IDE has advanced JavaScript debugging capabilities, giving the SDK some of the "quick turn-around" features of MoSync Reload. Find out more in the guide Debugging JavaScript in the MoSync SDK.

Good to know

If you are using the MoSync Wormhole JavaScript library, have projects created with a previous version of the SDK, make sure to update your projects. Specifically, you need to update the file wormhole.js to the latest version. Please read the Wormhole Upgrade Guide for further details.

MoSync SDK 3.3
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