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MoSync Reload Overview

MoSync® Reload lets you edit HTML, CSS and JavaScript code on a desktop machine and then instantly see the result of your code changes on any number of devices or emulators. It’s just like pressing “reload” in a web browser, but for native mobile apps!

Get Started With Reload in Ten Minutes

Get Reload from the Reload Download Page.

The MoSync Reload Quick-Start guide gets you up and running with installing and using Reload.

What Can Reload Do For Me?

With Reload the edit/build/deploy/test cycle is shortened dramatically. Reload takes advantage of the dynamic nature of HTML and JavaScript to let you reload your code into a container app (the Reload Client app) running on one or more devices. Use your favourite text editor on your desktop machine, then use the Reload Development UI to upload your code and run it on the connected devices with a single click of a button.

From a Reload app you can make full use of the MoSync SDK Wormhole JavaScript API, which provides access to native device functionality like Camera, SMS, File system, Sensors and Native UI. The Native UI API allows you to create user interfaces using real, native UI widgets, and to mix HTML widgets with a wide range of Native UI widgets.

When you are happy with the application that you have developed and wish to deploy it, you can use the free MoSync SDK to take your project as-is, and build standalone native applications for distribution through Apple App Store, Android Market, Windows Marketplace, and other app stores.

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