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The MoSync Developer site contains documentation for the MoSync SDK and for MoSync Reload.

MoSync SDK - Build native apps in C++/JavaScript

MoSync SDK contains a complete Eclipse-based IDE with tools for building native apps in C/C++ and HTML5/JavaScript.

Select one of our quick-start guides to get going! There is one for C/C++ and one for JavaScript/HTML5.

MoSync Reload - Rapid development of HTML5/JavaScript apps

MoSync Reload is a tool built on top of the MoSync SDK that allows you to quickly test and develop mobile application written in HTML5/CSS/JavaScript.

To get started right away, go to the Reload Quick-Start Guide.

To learn more about the difference between MoSync SDK and Reload, read the MoSync SDK and Reload Compared guide.

Developer links

See what we are up to on Codefessions - the blog written by the MoSync Team.

To find useful code snippets and exchange code goodies, visit the MoSync Code Swapping Cookbook.

MoSync software is open source. There are also commercial licenses and support avaiable. Learn more about MoSync Licensing and Subscriptions.

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