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What's New in MoSync SDK 2.4

Our 2.4 release introduces support for Apple's popular iPhone platform (including iPad and iPod) and Android 2.2, plus many many new libraries, runtime features, IDE improvements, application examples, user guides, and tutorials. Here is a quick overview of what is new in this release.

New Development Environment

  • MoSync SDK for OS X

New Platforms and Features

  • Support for Apple iOS devices (iPhone, iPad and iPod)
  • iPhone, iPad, and iPod device profiles
  • Android NDK implementation
  • Bluetooth server and client syscall library
  • ARM recompiler for Symbian 3rd and 5th edition
  • Retrieve ISO 693-1 or 693-2 language with maGetSystemProperty
  • Support for secure connections using HTTPS and SSL

SDK Improvements and Enhancements

  • Testify test framework
  • Improved dead-code elimination
  • Improved application icon support
  • New version, publisher, app name packager settings
  • New registration and auto-update process
  • Improved Welcome screen with automated examples import
  • Improved API Reference Manual with full index

New Example Applications

  • btServer -- a simple Bluetooth example application, including server and clients.
  • MapDemo -- a slippy map demonstration with maps from various sources.
  • MAUIex -- a demonstration of various screen widgets created using our MAUI library.
  • MDLBenchmark -- a performance benchmark test.

Many of the existing example applications in the SDK package have been updated for this release, and now include touch support. Documentation for all examples is available at

New User Guides and Tutorials

Getting Started Guides:

User Guides:

Programmer's Guides:


Developer's Guides

All of our existing user guides and tutorials have been updated and expanded for this release.
All documentation is now available online at

Important Changes in MoSync 2.4

We have changed the default background drawing behaviour of several widgets to make them more sensible for each widget. For example, the label widget now draws its background by default. Use setDrawBackground(false) to disable background drawing.

Known Issues with MoSync 2.4

Issues Resolved Since MoSync 2.3 (r767)

Details about each issue can be found in our issue tracker.