Cross-platform SDK and HTML5 tools for mobile app development

Products Roadmap

With version 3.0 we set out to take the MoSync SDK to a new level, making it even easier for both HTML5/JavaScript and C/C++ developers to create their mobile apps. We added a huge number of new features which our community have been asking for and a new platform: Windows Phone 7.

In addition to improvements to the MoSync SDK, we also made something for the HTML5 developers: MoSync Reload. In MoSync 3.0 you can of course create your HTML5 applications but with MoSync Reload you get the zero turnaround which we are used to when developing for the web on our desktop computers. You also get all the extra hardware features which our Wormhole JavaScript Library enables, without installing a single SDK - MoSync Reload is all you need!

With these two quite different tracks, the C/C++ and the HTML5 one, we are now thinking hard about where to go next. If you want to help us with that, you can join in at and add your feature requests, join us on our IRC channel on Freenode (#mosync), our forums here at or our Google Group mosync-dev.

We really want our community taking part in the further development of MoSync so please join us with all your ideas.

A roapmap will soon be published here, so please come back later to find out what we are releasing next!

Of course we are not just sitting around, new things are being pushed to our Github repos daily so please go there, fork the MoSync repositories and be updated with what's happening! We also have our MoSyncLabs repository with even more fun things!