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Link error?

I am a newbie to the world of MoSync and it has been quite impressive to say the least.

I am writing up some app and got the following errors during the linking stage:

Error: Unresolved symbol '__ZN8NativeUI6Widget25markWidgetHandleAsDeletedEv',
Error: Unresolved symbol '__ZNK8NativeUI6Widget15getWidgetHandleEv',
Error: Unresolved symbol '__ZN8NativeUI6Widget11setPropertyERKN6MAUtil11BasicStringIcEES5_',
Error: Unresolved symbol '__ZN8NativeUI6Widget14setPropertyIntERKN6MAUtil11BasicStringIcEEi',
Error: Unresolved symbol '__ZN8NativeUI6Widget16setPropertyFloatERKN6MAUtil11BasicStringIcEEf',
Error: Unresolved symbol '__ZN8NativeUI6Widget14getPropertyIntERKN6MAUtil11BasicStringIcEERi',
Error: Unresolved symbol '__ZN8NativeUI6Widget14getPropertyIntERKN6MAUtil11BasicStringIcEE',
Error: Unresolved symbol '__ZN8NativeUI6Widget17getPropertyStringERKN6MAUtil11BasicStringIcEERi',
Error: Unresolved symbol '__ZN8NativeUI6Widget17getPropertyStringERKN6MAUtil11BasicStringIcEE',
Error: Unresolved symbol '__ZN8NativeUI6Widget8addChildEPS0_',

I tried to see if I need to add some kind of libraries to my project but couldn't figure out. any advice would be appreciated!

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Sam Pickard
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Cool. If you're not using

Cool. If you're not using the NativeUI template. then you need to add NativeUI.lib to the additional library list.

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After specifying the include

After specifying the include and library path as in ( and then selecting Ignore Default, the problem is gone!

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I found that I can add

I found that I can add mastd.lib and maui.lib in Build Settings window. But now I am getting different link errors:

c:/slave/buildScripts/temp_kmzl/source/libs/libsupc++/ Error: Symbol '__Znam' is already defined,
c:/slave/buildScripts/temp_kmzl/source/libs/libsupc++/ Error: Symbol '__Znwm' is already defined,
c:/slave/buildScripts/temp_kmzl/source/libs/libsupc++/ Error: Symbol '__ZdaPv' is already defined,
c:/slave/buildScripts/temp_kmzl/source/libs/libsupc++/ Error: Symbol '__ZdlPv' is already defined,
c:/slave/buildScripts/temp_kmzl/source/libs/MAStd/maxtoa.c:40: Error: Symbol '_xtoa' is already defined,
c:/slave/buildScripts/temp_kmzl/source/libs/MAStd/maxtoa.c:78: Error: Symbol '_itoa' is already defined,
c:/slave/buildScripts/temp_kmzl/source/libs/MAStd/maxtoa.c:84: Error: Symbol '_ltoa' is already defined,
c:/slave/buildScripts/temp_kmzl/source/libs/MAStd/maxtoa.c:94: Error: Symbol '_ultoa' is already defined,
c:/slave/buildScripts/temp_kmzl/source/libs/MAStd/e_pow.c:102: Error: Symbol '_pow' is already defined,
c:/slave/buildScripts/temp_kmzl/source/libs/MAStd/intrinsics.c:283: Error: Symbol '___fixsfdi' is already defined,
c:/slave/buildScripts/temp_kmzl/source/libs/MAStd/intrinsics.c:40: Error: Symbol '___fixdfdi' is already defined,
c:/slave/buildScripts/temp_kmzl/source/libs/MAStd/intrinsics.c:44: Error: Symbol '___floatdidf' is already defined,

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