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MoSync apps run on Symbian^3

  We, at MoSync, have taken the leverage to run MoSync apps on the newly launched Symbian 3 device : Nokia N8-00 and guess, what the result would be?
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MoSync in South Korea

MoSyncers Patrick Broman and Alex Jonsson are on a developer road trip to South Korea, on Tuesday holding a one-day MoSync seminar at KOVA in Guro-gu, Seoul, followed by meetings and discussion with Korean companies on mobile application development and the local market situation in the region.
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MoSync C++ seamless native development for Android phones

The latest version of MoSync (that's 2.4) contains support for building native C++ applications on Android.A few people have asked me, whats the point, why not use the Android NDK to write C++ ? I'll omit of the obvious benefits of MoSync, such as the truly cross-platform-ness, the same code working on lots of different devices, screen size and OS's, etc.
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MoSync Smartphone Device Coverage

We've been working hard at MoSync, so now I'm able to publish some stats about our device coverage IPhone and IPad - MoSync support all of these, so thats another 4-5 devices, but with a reasonable market share. Android Devices - Their are Approx 100 Different Android devices 90% of them are v1.6 and above, these devices are suitable for MoSync.
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MoSync project TeDuCo wins first prize in Cut The Wire awards

BTH Innovation hands out BTH Innovation Prize at this year's Cut The Wire Award ceremony. The winner is: MoSync and Astando with Teduco Jury motivation: By combining new technology with old, by creating new and well adapted data and by focusing on a very distinct end-user
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Location Starter App -- video and source code

Location. Location. Location!These three words managed to define the real estate boom of our age. But now the same three words can be used to define the ‘next’ big wave of personalized services for smartphone users, services that revolve around not only what you want and like, but also where you are.The nearest restaurant, the bus stations, must visit places for tourists...GPS (Global Positioning Systems...but you knew that right?) has now changed the way we interact with the world.
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StringBuilder for MoSync

In C++, strings have traditionally been single byte char arrays.  Contiguous memory is allocated for the length of the string you want.  You can then pass a char* to the first character to pass a string around.  The length of the string is then calculated by counting the characters until you get to a null character (0x000000).  This is very handy in the C++ way of low level memory access but has two inherent flaws.  Firstly, it doesn't really support multi-byte character sets, and secondly, its easy to write more data into the string that you've allocated.
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Porting Lua, TinyJS and Webkit - An Interview with Mikael Kindborg

Mikael Kindborg is well known in the dynamic languages and Smalltalk communities. He's a former lecturer in Computer Science at Linköping University, and he's been working recently with porting Lua, TinyJS and WebKit to MoSync. I took the opportunity of a break in his busy schedule to ask him about this work.
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Question: Do intermediate layers always produce substandard applications? Answer: No

This blog post was originally written by Patrick Broman and explains how powerful and  important a cross platform framework is when you produce Mobile applications. The Gartner group rates cross platform development tools very important to reach out and maintain Mobile Applications.
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Serial Data Access

I've recently been writing a tutorial on storing and reading data on the device in MoSync.  For part of the tutorial, I wanted to use some classes which I'd already written which allow you serial access to your data, and are an extension to the included DataHandler class.