Cross-platform SDK and HTML5 tools for mobile app development

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We are probably looking for you

Do you want to work in a small team where your kick-ass skills makes a difference, where your ideas are being seriously considered and where you can be a key player?

The MoSync SDK is based on a lot of different technologies from compilers/linkers, specific runtime implementations (iOS, Android, Windows Phone 7, Symbian, Windows Mobile, JavaME, OSX and Windows) too libraries for C/C++ and JavaScript.

MoSync Reload is a coding environment where you can write applications in HTML5 and then send the app to multiple devices and instantly see your application running without compiling or building. To make this possible we have written PhoneGap compliant JavaScript libraries, our own libraries based on W3C drafts and a server sending the application to the device, and a small client running on the device taking care of running you app.

We are looking for both developers and support engineers who know C/C++ and/or HTML5/JavaScript.

We want our applicants to enjoy development more than just something you choose to study at the university. Answering questions with "I didn't take that course" is not what we expect during an interview. We are looking for people which doesn't need to know everything but you should be eager to learn new things and never be afraid of taking on new things. To be more specific we are looking for:

Low level C/C++ developers

The more low level you wanna go, the better. When you hear about assembler, virtual machines, byte code and recompilers we want you too get a warm and fuzzy feeling. If you written any emulators, GCC/LLVM backends or similar which you can show, we would be really interesting to take a look at it. Even if you aren't really this low level you can still send your application since we might need you anyway! :)

Platform developers

If you have deep knowledge in any recent mobile OS ( iOS, Android or Windows Phone 7 ) we really would like to talk to you. If you are a really good Windows developer or a Cocoa head we are also expecting your application. We expect you to know C/C++, but also Objective C, Java or C#. If you have published an app it will be even more interesting!

HTML5/JavaScript developers

We know that a lot of developers doesn't like or even care about C/C++, and that's fine. This is one of the reasons that we made it possible for HTML5 developers too access hardware features and Native UI without writing a single line of C/C++. We expect you to be familiar with various JS libraries and knows the ins and outs of HTML5 and JavaScript.

Web Backend developers

MoSync Reload is a server based solution for sending applications to a small runtime on devices. This enables zero turnaround developemnt for HTML5 developers which wish to access hardware features not yet available in HTML5. The current implementation is written in node.js but we are open for other suggestions and ideas. If you think that node.js is a bad decision we really would like too hear from you so we can have an interesting discussion about it. We expect you to have previous experience in backend development and feeling eager to take on new challanges.

Support Engineers

Sometimes people need a nudge in the right direction by someone, we are looking for this someone. You should have a deep knowledge in either C/C++ or JavaScript, if you know both it's even more awesome! If learning new things and then being eager to help other people to understand is what drives you we really would like to talk to you.

MoSync has two offices, one in Stockholm, Sweden and one in Cluj-Napoca, Romania. To make things simpler we are looking for people which can work in any of those offices, but we are always open for other solutions if you are the right person.

Send your application to and we will get back to you as soon as possible!