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Stockholm Hackathon Recap

On April 14th, a decommissioned nuclear reactor was filled with developers hacking away on their mobile apps, trying out the latest MoSync technologies, enjoying beer and pizza and competing for a number of awesome prizes. A number of mobile and web luminaries graced us with their presence, including Christian Heilmann of Mozilla. Check out the video from the event below.

The MoSync Hackathon in Stockholm took place on April 14th. It was off to a nervous start, as nature had decided to grace Stockholm with a veritable snow storm out of the blue.

We were worried that it would deter people from showing up, but as soon as the doors opened at 9:00 AM, our fears were laid to rest. A steady stream of enthusiastic, if frozen, developers begun to pass through the doors and take the elevator down to the decommissioned nuclear reactor in which they would spend the entire day.

Once everyone had been properly installed, we proceeded with our introduction ceremony, followed by talks. We did a number of MoSync presentations, and were very excited to see that many of the participants downloaded and installed the Reload Client as we were talking, following the apps we were demoing on their own devices!

Our special guest, Mr Christian Heilmann, Principal Evangelist at Mozilla, delivered an inspiring and much appreciated talk about the future of HTML5 and what's in store for game developers.

Christian Heilmann
After the presentations, hacking began. Single developers and teams alike were anxious to get started, and MoSync Team members were busy running around and helping people out. A near-unlimited supply of sandwiches, coffee and later pizza and beer guaranteed that everyone would be able to focus their time on creating apps.

During the whole day, professional DJs were building a unique atmosphere, starting with barely noticeable ambient music which added to the already retro-futuristic and slightly post-apocalyptic vibe, and then ramping it up over the day with a precise sense of pacing until suddenly people were unconsciously dancing around the venue.


As the submission deadline approached, we had already seen some very promising things while walking around the venue.

At 23:00, the final presentations began. We were pleasantly surprised not only to see so many cool apps had been created in such a relatively short time, but also by the quality and energy of the presentations people delivered. Once all the contributions had been presented, voting commenced and the jury was given time to deliberate.

After a short time of excited anticipation, the prize ceremony was held and the winners were announced. These were the results:

1st place: theHunter

2nd place: SwiftToDo

3rd place: Alkohest

4th place: Attendium

Runners up: Studentity, TapAttack, QuizMeGood and Face2Face