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MobileLua Live Editor and Client App

MobileLua is a port of the Lua programming language for MoSync. The project is open-source and is available on GitHub.

Note: This blog post has been updated March 1, 2012, to reflect the latest version of MobileLua for MoSync 3.0.

With the LuaLive Editor and the LuaLive Client you can interactively program your mobile device using Lua. Code written in the editor can instantly be executed on a mobile device. You can even run Lua code on multiple devices simultaneously!

Visit this page to get started:

Then download LuaLiveEditor.jar, which is the editor, and, if you have an Android device, install LuaLiveClient.apk using the QR-code, which is a prebuilt Android version of the client. Use MoSync to build the client for other platforms.

The editor is inspired by the Smalltalk system. If you have used Smalltalk, you have probably enjoyed the highly interactive programming environment.

Visit the MobileLua wiki for more information on how to get started.

MobileLua is an ongoing project that has the goal of simplifying mobile development.

Have fun!