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Why MoSync is a better alternative?

According to a recent blogpost on Online Solutions Development Blog MoSync could a better alternative for HTML5 and JavaScript developers. The blogpost is written by a MoSync user and it is about why he has chosen MoSync over other platforms. Here are some highlights from the mentioned post:
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Which tools are you using and how to you feel about them…

The fourth annual Developer Economics survey from Vision Mobile is out. The survey investigates developer mindshare, revenues, market challenges, and benchmarks the top developer tools, from ad-networks to user analytics. Please help us to get a better understanding of what you’re thinking of us at MoSync.What are your views on mobile development today?
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We are probably looking for you

Do you want to work in a small team where your kick-ass skills makes a difference, where your ideas are being seriously considered and where you can be a key player?The MoSync SDK is based on a lot of different technologies from compilers/linkers, specific runtime implementations (iOS, Android, Windows Phone 7, Symbian, Windows Mobile, JavaME, OSX and Windows) too libraries for C/C++ and JavaScript.
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Debugging your HTML5/JavaScript apps using MoSync Reload

The team at MoSync has spent days and nights coding and improving Reload, and today we are proud to announce MoSync Reload 1.0 is now available for download
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New translation

One of the wonderful things about open source is the unexpected, while much welcome, contributions we have received over the years. This time around, it's the talented crew at Webhostinggeeks, especially Anja Skrba from Computer Science at the University of Belgrade, Serbia who want to see MoSync in Serbo-Croatian language. The first pages out for translation are the start page for Reload and the key page on debugging javascript in Reload for developers in Serbia, Montenegro, Croatia, Bosnia and Hercegovina, Slovenia and Macedonia! Reload introduction (Serbo-Croatian)
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Now you can use MoSync to access the cloud! Thanks to our friends at, developers can use the straight-forward CBHelper for easy access cloud services via MoSync. The API uses RESTful methods and is accessible both from c++ and javascript, depending on your development preferences.
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How To Extend JavaScript With Custom C++ Code - Opening Google Maps From A Hybrid App

This tutorial shows how write a MoSync Hybrid App that invokes a small piece of C++ code to open web sites in a new window (activity). This is useful if you for example wish to open Google Maps from your application.The source code for this tutorial is available on GitHub.
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MoSync in Serbo-Croatian!

We've got a wonderful e-mail today from Jovana Milutinovich at Web Geeks Resources. She's started to translate some of the MoSync documentation to Serbo-Croatian! Please see this page on how to get started in MoSync. We're thank her and the Web Geeks Resource team for there support and enthusiasm. You can find the result at this URL: Srecno kodiranje! /The MoSync Team
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Recap from Apps World Europe 2012: Monetization and HTML5 experience

A couple of weeks ago MoSync sponsored a large event directly related to apps and app development, the Apps W
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Help shape the development of the MoSync SDK and Reload

At MoSync AB, we're working really hard on bringing you the easiest, best, most functional mobile development environment in the world. To do this, we need your help. We're currently planning what features we're adding to the next release, and we want you as MoSync SDK and MoSync Reload developers to help us prioritise this work. We want to know what new features you want to see in MoSync. To do this, we've created a website at where you can log new feature requests, and vote for the features you most want to see in the MoSync SDK.